Recruitment process

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Recruitment process

Thanks for your interest in looking for opportunity to be a part of Hung Duy Co., Ltd. Please take your time to look through our recruitment process if you would like to work in Hung Duy Co., Ltd.

Process: Recruitment process includes 2 rounds. The applicants must pass the first round and then to continue to the next round.

Round 1: Profile selection
This round for HR to consider the suitability of the candidate profile with the requirements of vacancy. All the candidates selected will be notified

Notice: The applicant profile must have at least these documents:
CV, download at:(
Link 1 (winrar) )(Link 2 (word 2003) )
Declaration resume, download at: x 2 certified copies
Health Certificate
Residential registration (certified copy)
National id
Photo 3x4: 4 pieces
Relevant certificates (certified)
These are not certified over 6 months

Professional working environment with the opportunity to learn, to develop knowledge.
Labor contract, social insurance, and unemployment insurance
Other benefits under Labor Law.
Working hours: Monday – Saturday.

Round 2: Interview
This is the first official interview between candidate and HR.
Through this interview, HR will have more Vacancy Positions to evaluate whether the candidate has the suitable ability of job vacancy or not.
Some main skills HR will consider such as communication skill, ability to work ( individual or group), Organization Chart and planning, ability to solve problem. HR will re-check the Vacancy Positions in candidate’s profile: the studying process, experience, skills,…in this interview, the candidate can also ask more relevant issues. Depending on the position and vacancy, the candidate may have more than one interview. Candidate selected will be notified within 7 days.

Contract agreement: The candidates selected through the interview will have appointment to discuss about the contract and relevant issues, include: type of contract, job, salary, working time. Everything else will be implemented by contract labor and guidance of HR.

For more details, please contact:
Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Linh -
HR Director
Tel:  (0276) 3 830 099
Address: No. 250, Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Quarter 4, Long Hoa Ward, Hoa Thanh Town, Tay Ninh Province.