The origin to the success of each individual, the brand is started by many different methods. And in a small commune of the old Phu Khuong district (Tay Ninh province), in the 1960s, a small family of Mr. Hai Sai (real name Tram Kim Sai, commonly used name is Le Van Cai) had been building, maintaining and developing a business career by transferring it through generations – a motto “by heart” – TO BE SUCCESSFULL, MUST BECOME MATURE.

The interference between the factors “Clement weather – Favourable terrain – Concord among the people”, the sustainable development of Hung Duy is now inevitable. Besides focusing on learning, updating and applying technology; As well as acumen and business passion, the successors of Hung Duy have always engraved and adhered to the “Maturity Business Strategy” that his father wholeheartedly taught.

For Mr. Le Huu Hung (Chairman of the MembersCouncil of Hung Duy Company – The eldest son of Mr. Hai Sai) – Ethics is always a prerequisite in conduct and business. Because “Vision” must be associated with “Mind”, then the core of everything will be stable and become “Dac Nhan Tam”.

Through more than 52 years of practice and conclusion, Hung Duy’s Board of Directors has unanimously spread the 4 core values ​​of Morality – Safety – Quality – Innovation for a sustainable Hung Duy brand.