Human resource Investment and development is one of the most important policies which has been a priority concern at Hung Duy – in order to improve employee’s quality, level and skills – ensuring company sustainable and long-term development by creating an open, friendly, inspiring learning environment. Specifically:

1. Training plan: with many policies that are constantly expanding in terms of scale: budget, training fields, training subjects, in order to prepare enough qualified human resources according to the development orientation of the company from time to time.

2. Internal training: continuously promoted to provide knowledge, skills, foster practical experience to ensure employees are capable enough to perform and successfully complete the assigned work – with the goal that each employee is trained for at least 1 hour/month, parallel with the development of the company’s internal training force.

3. Developing potential employees: through annual capacity assessment based on capacity standards to discover potential personnel, planning succession team according to career path or appointing to key management positions – ​​with well-designed training activities including:

  • Support staff to improve their skillful at graduate level.
  • Training in management and leadership skills; in-depth professional management capacity.
  • Rotating challenging positions with higher responsibility roles such as “Acting Manager” or “Assistant” under direct guidance and training by upper management.