With the orientation of putting people as the center of development, Hung Duy Co.,Ltd has developed full set of policies and continuous improved to guarantee welfare for employees and their relative.

  • Giving the gift on the major celebration of the year, the special day of employees (birthday, wedding,..)
  • Giving the gift for women employees and the children of employees on the special celebration such as: International Women’s Day (08/03), International Children’s Day (01/06), Mid-Autumn,..
  • Organize tours activities with team building programs to promote and improve teamwork, communication and cohesionamongst the company staff
  • Seniority employees are rewarded for their loyalty.
  • Policies to support employees in difficulty
  • Health benefits
  1. Annual health check
  2. Supporting the medical expenses and hospital costs to employees and their relative.
  3. Giving the gift of fitness, swimming voucher to improve employee’s health.
  4. Organizing exchange through sport activities.
  • Other benefits
  1. Employee break rooms for shift employee.
  2. Preferential Policies for using company’s product and service.


To create a happy work environment, uphold the spirit of learning, research and creativity, meeting employee’s need and care is the top priority. Accordingly, Hung Duy’s point of view on the salary – bonus policy is:

  • Meet the labor market
  • Commensurate with work values and individual values.
  • Operational Efficiency of Company
  • Commensurate with value employee’s contribution at work and their capacity.